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Hyde School offers an individualized approach to academics with the goal of developing lifelong learners who demonstrate intellectual curiosity, who have confidence in their academic potential, and who challenge themselves as they prepare for success in college and beyond.  

Curiosity is built upon Hyde's Learning Triangle where the student, teacher, and subject are at the core of a student's intellectual pursuits. The triangle recognizes the powerful student-teacher bond that is formed through exploring the subject matter.

Confidence is build in the Hyde classroom when our students partner with our experienced faculty to pursue academic and personal excellence in the classroom. Students are evaluated at each marking period with an effort grade, reflecting the student's learning attitude and character in the classroom, and an achievement grade that represents a student's comprehension of the course material. 

Challenge happens in the classroom when students are asked to step outside their academic comfort zones. Students are encouraged to stretch their academic muscle by taking rigorous courses, demonstrating leadership in the classroom, and maintaining high expectations for themselves and their classmates.


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Hyde has a wide array of elective courses or students to explore their interests outside of the core college preparatory graduation requirements.  From the visual arts to music production to forensics, students have the opportunity to discover new subjects, build upon existing interests.


Hyde School's STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) curriculum emphasizes the development of each student’s creativity, artistic skills, and analytical thinking, emphasizing process over product. The mission of these courses is to give students the opportunity to exercise problem solving and hands on learning through an environment which supports the student’s creative and analytical growth as well as personal expression in a variety of ways.


The study of the Humanities at Hyde School are an integral part of a student's character development.  Courses in History, English, and Foreign Language focus not only on content but also how the individual student connects on a personal level to the subject matter.  Critical thinking, reading, and writing are key components in these courses to help prepare students to be lifelong learners.

The arts

At Hyde, we believe that creativity and self-expression play a significant role in character development.  Since everyone does everything at Hyde, all students and faculty participate in our performing arts program, and students are required to take a visual art or music course during their time at Hyde.  Our vibrant arts programming offers students yet another opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone and challenge themselves to develop new skills.


Academic Support

Hyde understands that some students need additional academic supports to find success in Hyde's college preparatory curriculum.  Learning Connections, Hyde's academic support program, provides learning strategies related to reading, writing, mathematics, organization, planning, study and test-taking skills, homework completion, and additional support in other academic areas. The goal of our Learning Connections program is to help students develop the academic confidence for success in college and beyond.

Featured New Electives

Film History and Production

Explore film styles across genres and eras. starting from silent films all the way to contemporary blockbusters with Mr. Reid.


Take listeners on a journey through different places and spaces with the medium of sound with Ms. Rhaney.


CSI: Hyde. Dig into crime scene investigation and profiling like the pros with Mr. Grimes.

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