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Hyde School

At Hyde School, everyone gets to do everything pioneering character education we value effort over achievement attitude is everything since 1966.

Our Stories & Outcomes



Hyde School prepared me to handle the triumphs and challenges of life. Working with our amazing students and their parents each day inspires me to keep reaching for my best.

Laura Gauld ' 76 P'08, '10, Head of School


My Hyde experience as a teenager taught me key life lessons that I still use today and now have the opportunity to pass on to our students. I love the spirit, enthusiasm and humor that our students and faculty bring each and every day. For over 25 years, my family has called Hyde home and now some of my greatest teachers have become our students.

Bob Felt '90 P '19, '22, Chief Engagement Officer


I love working at Hyde because of the community spirit in students, teachers, and families. When everyone is on the same page, magic happens!

Rich Truluck '89 P '18, '20, Associate Head of School

faculty & staff

Faculty and Staff

I joined the Hyde community as a parent in 2018 and joined the faculty in 2021, where I serve as Director of Family Education. I have a passion to help others recognize their worth and love being part of a caring community that strives to support and challenge each other to continue evolving into the best version of ourselves.

Katherine Mondanaro P '19, '22— Director of Family Education

Faculty and Staff

I am in a unique position at Hyde where I interact with virtually every parent and student here, which is the absolute best part of my job. I am here to help and love to do what I can to make educational experiences at Hyde personal and unique, just like our students!

Crystal Peltzer — Director of Studies

Faculty and Staff

The reason I work at Hyde is for the opportunity to change lives. To be the teacher and coach that I needed growing up.

Justin Siekierski — English Department

Faculty and Staff

Hyde is such a unique, special place and it is an honor to provide meals to the community. My goal is to ensure that every person entering the dining hall can enjoy a tasty, nutritious meal in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

Mo Kenney— Director of Food Services



My time at Hyde School has been very special. I've learned better ways to communicate, and have grown in my leadership. I have met people from all different parts of the world and made friends for life.

Aree King '23


At Hyde School I was able to connect with my peers in a positive way. I learned how to interact in a meaningful and genuine way as a part of the school community.

Steven Heil '23


Hyde School has untapped potential I didn't see in myself. I'm becoming who I want to be!

Henry Pennell '24



Over the past 4 years, we have seen a tremendous change in ourselves, and our son, and that has helped us collectively form a new and improved relationship as a family. 

 Doug & Sharon Goldhirsch, Rafael '23


Jamie Delaney

Somehow or another, that team of faculty and peers helped my son get a glimpse of what success looked like.

- Jamie Delaney


The bonds and friendships and core principles (Courage, Integrity, Leadership, Curiosity, and Concern) learned at Hyde last a lifetime. I feel so strongly about what I learned at Hyde School as a student I decided to send my son. The growth I have seen in him this past year is amazing.

Susie Galligos '91, Matt '24


It's been 11 years since my son (and I) graduated and we still reflect on its impact on our lives. My family embraced the words & principles in our friendships, our work lives, and most of all, in how we treat each other. We have strong adult relationships, built on truth, high standards, being each others keeper, and lots of laughs at our expense.

Linda McGuire P'11



During my formative years, I learned how to tolerate difficulty, how to accept responsibility, and how to serve. But most importantly, I learned that there is nothing greater or more worth seeking in life than the beauty and simplicity of a clear conscience.

Dr. Shannon Curry, PsyD, MSCP, Hyde School '98, Pepperdine University. Owner of Curry Psychology Group. 


One of the biggest attributes that my Hyde experience instilled in me was grit.  Perseverance, if guided by honesty, integrity and a positive attitude makes the obstacles in my life seem less daunting and my goals very attainable, thank you!!

Mike V. Dawes '92, Saint Lawrence University, University of Denver MBA. Fishing Entrepreneur.


I will alway cherish my 3 years at Hyde as a period of profound growth. Amazing things happen when you're part of a community deeply committed to unique potential!

Stacey Babb '96, Carnegie Mellon University BFA, Emerson College MA. Executive Producer and Co-founder, The Opening Doors Project

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Hyde's New day student program

Hyde School is excited to launch a new day student program for grades 9-postgraduate!

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