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Hyde's Inner Leadership Model: Leadership comes from within.

The Biggest Job; School is for kids, Hyde is for families.

   Robert Schuller Circle Dedication Ceremony

On Saturday September 18th, 2021, Hyde hosted a celebration of the life of Robert Schuller, class of ’78.  Family and friends gathered around the newly built fire circle named for the alum and shared stories of his impact, both at Hyde and the amazing life he lived after he left campus. We invite you to watch the video of the ceremony and look through our photo gallery of this special day.

Schuller Memorial Photo Gallery

      Senior Speeches

At Hyde we start with an interview and end with a speech.
Every Senior makes a speech at Commencement, click here to see why:

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Alumni Parent Insight

We all want the best for our children. When Katherine Mondanaro’s girls began to fall through the cracks in the public school system, her family decided Hyde was the best option for them. She shares her families story; a story that may sound very familiar to you.

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Malcolm’s Blog

3 Random Objections to the HDP

Discovery Process educators invariably find that time invested in Discovery Group activities pays substantive dividends in the form of more conscientious, considerate, and dedicated students in the classroom.

Hyde TV

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What Hyde Has Done For Our Family

Kate Carey and son Max

“The Hyde school experience has been amazing for us. I would hope that the philosophy spreads culturally. They focus on developing the student’s character, attitude and effort — and then they help families to support this at home. Ultimately, they believe, and I agree, that this is the basis of all future achievement. My 17-year-old son has gained a sense of himself that far exceeds the trajectory of where he was at 14. I call this the anti-facade high school experience. The usual situation being that everyone has something that they tout as their strength – i.e. sports, academics, creative arts, etc. and then hopes that no one will uncover their areas of doubt. At Hyde, everyone is expected to participate in a fairly public way in everything – sports, theater, public speaking, academics, music, which would sound terrifying except that everyone has to do it. (Including faculty). As a result, after a while it is not embarrassing and the students support each other; cheer each other on. The students genuinely get to know themselves and one another. There is no cult, the faculty just expect a willingness to look honestly at self and be respectful of one another. The students who refuse at first to be respectful are given work detail on the school grounds or in the kitchen. How bad is that? My son did a lot of it the first year and became a pretty good worker — he held 3 jobs that following summer. Now he seems to understand the value of being a positive member of society and puts more attention into his academics than ever before. He got a lot of support from older student friends to take care of himself and do better, which is part of the leadership development that they encourage. Now he gets to help newer students. I am so grateful to Hyde, my kid is such a pleasure to be around and I wasn’t saying that 3 years ago.”
– Parent Kate Carey (Max ’17)

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Parenting Teens Biggest Job Podcast

Parenting Teens Podcast:
The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have

  • Do you feel that parenting teens is the biggest job you’ll ever have?
  • Are you wondering about how to help your child discover his or her unique potential?
  • Are you dedicated to raising a child with character and integrity?

Based on the Hyde School’s philosophy of “parents are the primary teachers and the home is the primary classroom,” this podcast was created to help parents understand just how to put this philosophy in place in the home, and to discover the transformative outcomes that happen in families who implement it.

You will hear from not only experts in the field of raising teenagers, such as educational consultants, authors, and therapists, but also hear from former Hyde parents and students who share their stories of challenges and triumphs on this journey.

We welcome you to jump in and start discovering some “ah ha” moments and practices you can implement right away to bring your family closer together and raise self-confident teenagers with character who become inspiring adults.

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