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Performing Arts

At Hyde School, all students participate in every part of the co-curricular experience, including Performing Arts, or “PA.”  The expectation that “everyone does everything” at Hyde extends to the faculty, too.  How many boarding school faculty work in concert with students to choreograph, arrange music, or write skits collaboratively?  These performances might reflect events in history or personal experiences about growing up, and they are created by students in partnership with the faculty who are involved and everything–from the technical parts of performance, to the band playing the music, to the actual performance itself. 

While we cultivate talent in the performing arts, we also deeply value the experience of trying something new and getting outside of one’s comfort zone.  It is a wonderful thing to see a student who thought of themself as an athlete or an academic high achiever dig into and truly enjoy belting out a song or busting a move in a dance routine. 

Whether it’s challenging someone who sees themselves as a performer to teach others, or challenging someone who does not see themselves as a performer to find joy in something different, performing arts brings our community together.

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