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Day Students

Hyde School is pleased to announce the addition of day students to our school community. 

Students from the Midcoast region of Maine are now welcome to join the rich and diverse Hyde student body, which includes students from 16 different countries and 18 different states. 

Traditional learners, top-tier scholars, underachievers, artists, athletes and maverick spirits all call Hyde School home. In fact, we pride ourselves on meeting students where they stand and providing the tools necessary for each to realize meaningful success in college and beyond. Inquire and/or apply below

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High Level Athletics

Everyone is a student-athlete at Hyde School.  Despite varying athletic backgrounds, interests and abilities, all students participate in all three seasons of sports.  We strongly believe that being on a team fosters the development of life skills such as sportsmanship, leadership, and the spirit of competition.

Excellent College Preparatory Academics

Hyde School offers an individualized approach to academics with the goal of developing lifelong learners who demonstrate intellectual curiosity, who have confidence in their academic potential, and who challenge themselves as they prepare for success in college and beyond.  

Advanced College Advising and Placement

At Hyde School, we pride ourselves on developing meaningful relationships with our students.  From classrooms to athletic fields to school leadership, we know who our students are and how to meet their individual needs.  As a result, Hyde School’s College Counseling Office works closely with each student and their family as they explore opportunities for life after Hyde. 

Newly Expanded Learning Support Center

Hyde understands that some students need additional academic supports to find success in Hyde's college preparatory curriculum.  Hyde's Academic support program at the Learning Connections Center provides strategies related to reading, writing, mathematics, organization, planning, study and test-taking skills, homework completion, and additional support in other academic areas. The goal of the Learning Connections Center is to help students develop the academic confidence for success in college and beyond.


Leadership Program

Hyde School has a history of empowering students to take action and lead the direction of the community.  Hyde's "Wolfpack Council," is composed of student leaders and faculty who discuss and make decisions regarding academics and student life. This student-faculty partnership is an essential component of Hyde School's character curriculum and brings a student closer to realizing their potential.

Campus, Scholarships & Hyde's Community

Expansive Historic Campus and Outstanding Facilities

Located on the historic 1913, 120-acre estate of John S. Hyde, the Hyde campus is composed of architecturally magnificent buildings, terraced gardens and rolling hills. Adding to the beauty and facility of the campus are a number of well-situated and maintained additional outbuildings that include modern dorms, classrooms, an athletic center, dining hall, library and a health and wellness center. 

Merit Scholarships

The Five Words and Five Principles Scholarships are specifically designed to recognize those students whose applications and hard work reflect one or more of the essential components of a Hyde School education.

Cultural Diversity

Hyde School community is comprised of a wide range of talented students from across the country and the world. With students from 16 different counties and 18 different states, Hyde students have the opportunity to learn about a variety of different cultures while interacting and forging global relationships that will last a lifetime. 

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