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For over 55 years, Hyde School has been a leader in character education. Located in the heart of mid-coast Maine, Hyde offers students in grades 9 through Postgraduate an integrated approach to college preparatory academics, character development, and family education. We are focused on the belief that character, attitude, and effort will lead to academic excellence, meaningful achievement, and personal fulfillment.  

At Hyde, nothing is extracurricular.  Our character curriculum is based on the premise that everyone gets to do everything.  Hyde's co-curricular programming includes college preparatory academics, three seasons of athletics, performing arts, public speaking, and leadership development.  Students receive individualized attention from our experienced faculty and grow the academic and personal skills they need to succeed in college and beyond.

International program

Hyde School provides a unique co-curricular educational experience for students from across the globe. We offer our international students an immersive American experience - they have an American roommate, participate in three seasons of competitive athletics, and take college preparatory courses which focus on improving their English language proficiency.  As part of our character based programming, international students also work on their leadership skills, public speaking confidence, and building meaningful relationships.  We are focused on working closely with our international students to help them reach their full potential.  For the last 15 years, our students have valued their Hyde experience and it has given them key skills to tackle the challenges of college and beyond.

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