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Hyde at a Glance

Hyde is a small boarding school with a big vision and entrepreneurial roots. 

Along with traditional educational offerings such as academicsathletics and the arts, Hyde School provides students with experiences that will guide, shape, and transform how they see themselves and their family. Since our founding, Hyde School has focused on the premise that character, attitude, and effort will lead to academic excellence, meaningful achievement, and personal fulfillment.  Hyde is built upon the belief that every individual is gifted with a unique potential that defines a destiny. We have been helping students unlock their full potential since 1966.


Laura Gauld '75 - Are you ready for the hyde challenge

My four years as a Hyde student changed the trajectory of my life. Most of all, it taught me how I wanted to live that life. Today I get a kick out of working alongside a community of colleagues devoted to impacting that same trajectory for hundreds of kids and families.

Malcolm Gauld — Executive Director, Hyde Institute

Stories of Our Founding


Hyde School recognizes a connection between student success and family involvement. Families are offered the opportunity to engage in Hyde's character curriculum along side their student.


Develop Character to Discover Unique Potential


Hyde School was founded in 1966 premised on the belief that Every Individual is Gifted with a Unique Potential that Defines a Destiny, and it is character development that opens the door to one's unique potential.

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