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TWIP (This Week in Photos)

Student and teacher presenting a physics example

Alice '23 presents her example during Mr. Grimes Physics class on a sunny warm day. It is always nice to get out of the class when the weather is awesome.

Student drawing on a small whiteboard

Julia '24 worked on her physics drawing on a warm sunny day when Mr. Grimes took his physics class to Schuller Circle for class.

Student presentation to school community

Erez '23 gives a presentation on sustainability and composting during the community meeting.

Hyde School Senior Formal group

Hyde School Senior Formal 2023!

Student bowling at the Senior Formal

Lucas '24 at the Senior Formal taking a shot a short pin bowling before the dancing begins.

two students hugging at the Senior Formal

Alyssa '23 and Alice '23 at the Senior Formal

Student starting a billiards game

Spencer 'PG is about to take the break during a round of pool at the Senior Formal.

Mr. Truluck playing pool

Mr. Truluck focusing on his next shot during a pool game at the Senior Formal.

Student at the Senior Formal

Sam '23 showing off his mini graduation cap giveaway at the red carpet-themed Senior Formal

Students dancing at the Senior Formal

Students cheered on the DJ as he dropped the beat!

Group of male students at the Senior Formal

The boys took a couple of seconds off from dancing to snag a group shot during the Senior Formal.

Female student dancing at the Senior Formal

Aree '23 dancing in the middle of the group at the Senior Formal.

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