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TWIP (This Week in Photos)

Boy's Varsity Lax at practice getting ready for the season to start.

Girls Varsity Lax is gearing up for the season.

Thanh '24 went over to the local elementary school to teach them a song in his native Vietnamese to honor the memory of a young student who had recently lost a parent. The kids we very grateful and honored that they could learn the song.

Hap '23 and Michael '24 pumping up Hap's energy as he warms up for the Track & Field meet!

Aree '23 helping her teammate Steven 'PG stretch out before the Track meet.

Student athletic manager Steven '23 making sure everything is all set for the Track meet. At Hyde School, there is no job too big and no job too small.

Pablo '24, Pablo '24, and David 'PG from all from Spain competing in the Track meet. 

Alyssa '23 posted a great time winning in the 400m.

Ben '25 handily won his hurdles event!

Hap '23 taking flight in the long jump.

Bella '23 and Maggie '25 cheering on the Track team.

Sunday's Easter egg hunt winners! Various prizes such as planning a weekend trip, dressing down on Hyde Dress and skipping a meal crew, skip sports practice although Rocio does not plan to use hers!

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