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TWIP (This Week in Photos)

Two of Hyde School's newest faculty member Liz Rhaney and Ty Goodwin helped chaperone our first overnight ski trip of the season at the Lennox Outdoor Leadership Center in Eustis, ME. They both took the opportunity this past Sunday to learn to snowboard for the first time. At Hyde School everyone no matter their position is always learning new and sometimes really cool new things!

Faculty members from left to right Ty Goodwin, Megan-Mack Nicholson, Liz Rhaney, Zach Birnbaum '11 and senior Erez Shetreat-Klein going down the bunny slope to see the progress Ms. Rhaney and Mr. Goodwin made throughout their first ever day snowboarding.

Matt Galligos '24 taking on some blue trails on his second day ever snowboarding!

Beautiful view from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain during the first ski trip of the season.

Mrs. Peltzer led a trip to Pineland Farms to spend a couple of hours off campus in heated igloos!

Alice Poetto '23, Maria Gomila Garcia '25 and Sofia Gil Rodriguez '25 in the heated igloos at Pineland Farms enjoying the sunny afternoon!

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