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Application Deadline is June 30, 2018.

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Imagine it's August 31st.  

Your son or daughter starts high school on Monday.  

Are you ready? More importantly… are they?

If their entire summer has been: Facebook, texting, and "hanging out with friends"… the answer is probably "NO".  

High school isn't just your son or daughter's next grade. 

High school is their first taste of the real world.  

They're going to have to make new friends. Seek extra help when they don't understand an assignment, and ask questions.

They'll study harder than they ever have.

And finally be responsible for their own choices.

If they're unprepared, not only will they miss out one of the most exciting times of their life, but they'll make bad choices, not get into the college they want, not develop habits they need to succeed, and start their adult life out on the wrong foot.  

This is why high school is such a critical time of their life.  

The worst part is, if things go horribly wrong, it'll somehow end up being your fault! Oh, the joys of parenthood...

Let's rewind, shall we? 

It's not August 31st just yet. But it will be soon.  

And that mean's here at Hyde School, it's time for our epic summer adventure program: Summer Leadership Challenge.

This is a unique program we've refined over 50 years to take teens and prepare them for life in high school and beyond.

Here's how it works...

What is Summer Leadership Challenge?

This summer, teens from around the world will share one of the most extraordinary and transformative experiences of their young lives. 

They each arrive with their personal challenges but at the end of four weeks, they'll have tools to succeed in high school and the confidence to seize the opportunities high school presents.

Hyde School was founded on the belief that each of us is gifted with a unique potential that defines a destiny. A commitment to character development enables us to achieve excellence and find fulfillment in life.

Every experience in Summer Leadership Challenge intentionally provides opportunities to discover and develop character and leadership. 

"My son never quits, and it’s because of what he learned at Hyde School.”

 - Hyde Parent

Here's What Four Weeks at Hyde's Summer Leadership Challenge Look Like:

 Outdoor Adventures in Beautiful Maine  

The journey begins in Hyde’s spectacular 600-acre wilderness preserve in Eustis, Maine overlooking Flagstaff Lake and the Bigelow moutain range.

You'll trek through mountain peaks, raft through white water rapids, and settle down to hot meals around the campfire at night as you and your new friends reflect on summer days you'll never forget.

Arts and Athletics

At Hyde, attitude and effort mean everything. Whether you’re a seasoned varsity athlete or picking up a new sport, coaches at Hyde will challenge and inspire you to find your best on the sports field. Athletics offered will include: soccer, basketball, cross country running, wrestling, Ultimate Frisbee, and lacrosse.

But at Hyde we believe in developing well-rounded individuals which means you'll also test your courage as you sing, dance, act, and explore life on stage. Every student and faculty member in the Summer Leadership Challenge will take part in the final production at the end of the program.

Academic Enrichment  

Academic enrichment in Summer Leadership Challenge and Hyde School is about developing writers, speakers, and problem solvers who can use creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking to learn effectively.

Community Service

Students at Hyde are leaders, and nothing demonstrates your leadership like giving back to your community and leaving it better than you found it.

Family Weekend

The Hyde Summer Leadership Challenge culminates with sharing your accomplishments and your vision with your family as they are challenged to do the same during Family Weekend.

Family Weekend (July 27-29) is the time to share how you've redefined perceptions of yourself, and how you understand your potential.

Ready to Take the Challenge?

If you'd like to learn more about Summer Leadership Challenge 2018, we'd like to send you a brochure via mail and e-mail.

The brochure includes detailed information on pricing, housing, and week-by-week highlights.

The application deadline for the Hyde Summer Leadership Challenge is approaching so if you'd like to claim a spot, act fast!

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Application deadline is June 30th, 2018 in