Lennox Lodge Wilderness Wellness Program

Providing tools and safe space for teens to better manage stress and anxiety


About the Program: Hyde’s Wilderness Wellness program is a focused week and a half learning practices and techniques to help deal with ongoing stress and anxiety. Learn such things as Forest Therapy, Mindfulness, Breathing Techniques and Reiki. The program takes place on our private 640 acre campus located in beautiful Northern Maine. Lodging, food and travel from Bath, Maine are included. 


Why: More and more, today’s teens are experiencing increased feelings of stress and anxiety. At Hyde we believe in creating curriculum so students can better connect with their inner potential and strength. Students cannot connect if they are hindered by the veil of anxiety or self doubt. It is proven that time spent in nature reduces both stress and anxiety, not to mention lowers blood pressure, boosts one’s immune system and helps people calm the sympathetic nervous system. Hyde is dedicated to providing teens with as many tools and resources as possible to be all they can be!


When: June 20th – July 1st 2022


Cost: $2500



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Questions: Kristin Harman kharman@hyde.edu or call at (207)-443-7103