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A Hyde School Graduation

"Who am I?" "Where am I going?" and "What do I need to do to get there?" are the essential questions we ask of Hyde's Seniors and Post Graduates as they close this chapter of their Hyde education. While most schools have a valedictorian address their class at commencement, Hyde School breaks the mold. The culmination of the senior and post graduate character education curriculum is the commencement speech given by each member of the graduating class. It serves as both the beginning of a new chapter in life and a reflection of their experience at Hyde School. Every graduating senior or post graduate gives a two-minute speech that is a declaration of their conscience, honors their family, and expresses their hope for the future.

"The traditional view of graduation as both an ending and a new beginning are true at Hyde School, yet most importantly, is is a declaration of conscience expressed by each senior and post graduate in a two-minute speech, which serves as a benchmark for their lives." - Laura Gauld, Head of School

Reece Gardner '22, Babson College

"We are all trying to navigate a world where inequality still exists. Trying to educate the community regarding these topics allowed me to be vulnerable. I also became aware of the importance of strong female leaders and why more of us, women, need to rise to the occasion to make this world better."

Mika Webman PG'22 Israel

"What came out of this year was more than I'd imagined. I became more confident in speaking up. I’ve always been a pretty vocal person but I tended to shy away from talking in front of large audiences. The continuous sessions of public speaking, the multiple meetings I've led, and the constant queasy feeling in my stomach that I get when it is my turn to speak [up].... Don’t get me wrong,... the queasy feeling is still very much in my stomach but I have learned to be able to work through it."

- Syniyah Banks '22

"Thanks to my time here at Hyde, I can now clearly communicate my strong personality and the courage I’ve realized was in me all along. I was even crowned “Star of the Week,” on more than one occasion! "

- Gabriela Azevedo Gomes de Figueiredo '22 Brazil

"My third year here is when I started to let down my walls and get closer to the people who I care about. I realized that I had great outlets for... creativity through... designing, creating, and building furniture, among other things."

- Amanda Morgan '22

"Growing up I had to be strong and deal with my own problems and struggles. It was hard for me to be vulnerable but when I got to Hyde I realized it was going to be the key to my success. "

- Ivan Domingues 'PG

"I went into my senior year with a different mindset. I finally found my footing at school and made an awesome group of friends and memories. I no longer lived my life behind a wall and closed myself off from everyone. I tried new things like swimming to take a risk and dropped old things like basketball which kept me in my comfort zone."

- Eli Felt '22

"The time I spent [with my uncle] really made me mature. He honestly gave me hope of being successful and taught me that it doesn't matter your background, I just have to want it."

- Tyshawn Horton '22


Hyde School Parent Graduation

In recognition of the significant commitment Hyde School families make to support their child through our Family Education program, parents also graduate from Hyde and receive a diploma of their own.  When parents gather on the morning of commencement, those parents who have completed the parent curriculum receive their parent diploma. Rather than have the parents speak, we read a brief statement that their student writes about the important lessons and inspiration they have received from their parents.  As these statements often indicate, our graduating seniors and post graduates are inspired when they observe their families striving to improve their character. It is a very moving tribute to the role that parents play as the primary teachers. At the conclusion of the parent graduation, we welcome those parents into the Hyde Alumni Parent Association (HAPA).

Mom, You taught me how to be a respectable young man and to treat people the way I want to be treated....Dad, You taught me how to be a humble person and a respectful athlete. You taught me how to be responsible for my actions and be aware of others around me. One thing I appreciate about you is that you always push me to be my best.  Even when I think I’m at my best, you always find something I can improve on.

Mom, you have grown by learning to take time for yourself, letting go, being less controlling, and even helping other kids through the process. Even after starting a job here, you have practiced letting go and leaving my school life for me to deal with. I am very lucky to have you helping me through my journey,... Dad, Just as I have, you have worked on opening up to others and speaking about yourself more. Thank you [both] for believing in me and graduating with me.

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