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Lennox Outdoor Leadership Center

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Hyde School has a deep appreciation of the great outdoors and all that it has to offer our students and alumni through the Lennox Outdoor Leadership Center in Eustis, ME.

The Outdoor Leadership Center, situated on a 640 acre peninsula on Flagstaff lake adjacent to the Bigelow Mountain Range.


Hyde School offers a variety of outdoor adventure opportunities both on and off campus. On our Bath campus, students can take advantage of our challenge course, including both high and low ropes courses, and our indoor rock wall.  Given our location on the mid-coast of Maine, we also offer a number of outdoor activities, such as kayaking and whitewater rafting.

Off campus, students have the change to experience outdoor adventures at the Lennox Outdoor Leadership Center in Eustis, Maine.   Our 640-acre campus on Flagstaff Lake, with breathtaking views and close proximity to the Bigelow Mountains, provides ample opportunities for camping, canoeing, hiking, skiing, and other outdoor expeditions.


Held at the beginning of each school year, all students travel to Lennox Outdoor Leadership Center for a three-day outdoor adventure orientation.  Students have the opportunity to get to know each other through hiking, canoeing, and other team building activities.  The trip helps students establish a solid foundation as they embark on the year ahead.

summer Leadership challenge expedition

Hyde's Summer Leadership Challenge would not be complete without an expedition to the Lennox Outdoor Leadership Center. The three-day camping trips include canoeing, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.  Students are challenged to try new things, build outdoor skills, and make connections with peers and faculty that will last a lifetime.

Winter in Maine

In the winter months, the Lennox Outdoor Leadership Center is used for a variety of cold-weather experiences.  These include alpine skiing, snowshoeing, and winter camping.  



From our state-of-the-art challenge course with high and low elements to in the field classroom opportunities, Hyde School students are enriched by experiential learning on campus and across the great state of Maine.

Lennox Outdoor Leadership Center in depth

Our Campus

Located on the shores of Flagstaff Lake, adjacent to the Bigelow Preserve, the Lennox Outdoor Leadership Center serves as a launching point for adventure and learning.

Family Outings

Lennox Outdoor Leadership Center offers numerous opportunities for families to explore and learn in the great outdoors.

Wellness Retreats

With modern facilities the Lennox Outdoor Leadership Center and its 640 acres boasts many opportunities for self-discovery and adventure retreats. 

As Director of Outdoor Education for Hyde School, I couldn’t be in a community or environment that fit my skills and life passion any better. Since my early 20’s I have dedicated my life to guiding others towards a deeper understanding of themselves and each other, through interaction and immersion in nature. At Hyde I get to blend my 25+ years of experience teaching, facilitating, guiding, adventuring, and mentoring. I have the honor and privilege to facilitate  programming on our state of the art Ropes Course as well as care-take and implement learning opportunities at the Lennox Outdoor Leadership Center in Eustis, Maine. These opportunities include Wellness Retreats, Adventuring, Camping, Family Programming and a variety of other school trips. I have a Masters in Outdoor Leadership and Environmental Education and as a Registered Maine Guide, Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, Yoga instructor, Ropes Course Instructor and enthusiast of youth in the outdoors; I feel completely at home in this position. I love the challenge and I love how I grow everyday alongside our Hyde students and staff.

Megan-Mack Nicholson

Director of Outdoor Education

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