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College Counseling

At Hyde School, we pride ourselves on developing meaningful relationships with our students.  From classrooms to athletic fields to school leadership, we know who our students are and how to meet their individual needs.  As a result, Hyde School’s College Counseling Office works closely with each student and their family as they explore opportunities for life after Hyde. 

Hyde School's Commitment and Vision for our students

learn to present yourself

Guide seniors/postgraduates to present themselves to the outside world with integrity, pride, and true confidence.

Individual Attention

Give each senior/postgraduate as much individual attention and support during the process as they need.

Create an application package

Partner with students to create an application package that accurately reflects their character, strengths, and personality.

Partnership with families

Develop a dynamic partnership with families - while the process is owned by the senior/postgraduate, families play an invaluable role as guides, cheerleaders, and consultants.

Curate a list of colleges and universities

Work closely with students and their families to curate a list of well rounded colleges or universities to which the student will apply, resulting in a selection of well-matched acceptances that honor their unique potential.

Hyde’s College Office assists students in one-on-one settings where there is intensive preparation of all application materials including the personal statement; supplemental essays; completion of the Common Application; and individual application requirements.

All seniors and postgraduates must apply to at least one college, despite their plans post-graduation, to receive a Hyde diploma.  With a college acceptance rate of 100% in 2022, Hyde’s exceptional programming prepares all students of diverse backgrounds, skills, and needs for the challenges they will encounter in college and beyond.

College Representatives

Are you a college representative looking to visit Hyde?  We are scheduling both in-person and virtual meetings with our students.  Please contact Lisa Geller, Director of College Counseling at (207) 443-7162 or

College Counseling Team

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