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Co-Curricular LEARNING

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Hyde School offers an individualized approach to academics with the goal of developing lifelong learners who demonstrate intellectual curiosity, who have confidence in their academic potential, and who challenge themselves as they prepare for success in college and beyond.  


Outdoor Education


Since Hyde's founding in 1966, spending time in the outdoors has been an integral component of our character curriculum. The Lennox Outdoor Leadership Center in Eustis, Maine offers students, families, and alumni the opportunity to connect with nature and learn about themselves.

College Counseling

At Hyde School, we pride ourselves on developing meaningful relationships with our students.  From classrooms to athletic fields to school leadership, we know who our students are and how to meet their individual needs. Hyde School’s College Counseling Office works closely with each student and their family as they explore opportunities for life after Hyde.

The Arts

At Hyde, we believe that creativity and self-expression play a significant role in character development.  Since everyone does everything at Hyde, all students and faculty participate in our performing arts program, and students are required to take a visual art or music course during their time at Hyde.  Our vibrant arts programming offers students yet another opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone and challenge themselves to develop new skills.


Academic Support

Hyde understands that some students need additional academic supports to find success in Hyde's college preparatory curriculum.  Learning Connections, Hyde's academic support program, offers these students the opportunity to build study skills, manage classwork, and develop learning habits that prepare them to succeed in college and beyond.

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