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Our athletic department is integrated into the character-driven education that allows the development of pivotal life skills such as leadership, competition, and sportsmanship while striving to compete at the highest level of athletics.

Hyde’s community is composed of many individuals of varying athletic backgrounds and interests; therefore, we strive to offer a comprehensive sports program to peak these interests within the framework of our facilities and coaching expertise. It is our mission to have our student-athletes experience the physical and mental challenges of being a three-sport athlete that will not just provide character-building moments, but character-revealing ones as well.

Our department of dedicated coaches and administrators understand and work to show that, much of what is learned on the field during their time representing Hyde is applicable not only to the playing fields and courts, but to the classroom, and throughout life. With an experienced athletics staff; we are excited for the athletic season.

Stefan Jensen
Athletic Director


Athletic Training

Bath athletic training room
Bath Athletic Training Room

The Athletic Training Room is a healthcare facility at which the Hyde athlete receives preventative education, treatment, care and rehabilitation for athletic injuries. Our Athletic Training staff is responsible for providing services in an attempt to return our athletes quickly and safely to their level of competition. Our certified staff work in association with our on-site Health Center, local physicians, and affiliated therapists to ensure that Hyde’s athletes receive the highest and most complete level of care.

Concussion Training Protocol

Hyde Athletic Department Protocol and Procedures for Management of Sports-Related Concussion