Register FLC

Important Notes for FLC Sign Up

When to Sign Up

Please sign up for an FLC as soon as possible. Space in each session is limited and therefore, we cannot guarantee the date of your choice if you wait until spring to choose your date.

Wilderness FLCs

FLCs take place on campus, except for the two fall Wilderness FLCs. Please call or email Mary Moore or Sara Levensohn in the Family Education Office for more information before signing up for a Wilderness FLC.

Family Education Office
(207) 443-7102

Before You Choose Dates

Things to check prior to scheduling your FLC:

  • Please make sure each parent chooses a separate FLC date so that each of you may have a one-on-one weekend with your child
  • Your child’s athletic involvement – February athletic season is very busy and may require lengthy travel for your child
  • SAT or ACT testing – check with your child to be sure he/she has not signed up for these tests on the same weekend as the FLC
  • Your regional retreat date does not conflict with the FLC weekend you have selected

We strongly recommend Senior Families do their FLC with their child before the winter break.

FLC Calendar

Please download the FLC schedule (PDF) before registering as it explains which FLCs are for siblings, wilderness, condensed, or have conflicts with other scheduled events for the students throughout the school year;

All FLCs begin at 7 PM on the first date and end at 12 noon on the last date.