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Biggest Job Webinars with Laura Gauld and Pam Hardy

Priority #1: Truth Over Harmony

Priority #2: Principles Over Rules

Priority #3: Attitude Over Aptitude

Priority #4: Set High Expectations and Let Go Of The Outcomes

Priority #5: Value Success And Failure

Priority #6: Allowing Obstacles To Become Opportunities

Priority #7: Taking Hold And Letting Go

Helpful Videos

The Eagle Hill Series
Laura Gauld and Pam Hardy presented a Biggest Job Workshop at Eagle Hill School in Greenwich, CT. We have curated five clips from the workshop that will inspire you in your own parenting. Included are;

  1. The Fender Bender: A Story from Laura Gauld’s Teen Years
  2. What’s at the center of your family?
  3. The Dance of Deception
  4. World Class Parenting vs. Pathetic Moments of Parenting
  5. Five Fundamentals of Parenting

Inspirational Videos from Outside Hyde’s Gates