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Hyde School was established on the belief that “every individual is gifted with a unique potential that defines a destiny.”  This founding statement guides Hyde’s mission – “Develop Character to Discover Unique Potential.”  Our mission is fulfilled using an integrated approach of education, character and family.  The cornerstones of our curriculum are the Five Words that have adorned our school shield since our founding – Courage; Integrity; Leadership; Curiosity; and Concern – along with our Five Principles – Destiny; Humility; Conscience; Truth; and Each Other’s Keeper.

What does Character mean to you?

Hyde School completely redefined for me what education could be. The high expectations, the belief in every student, and a commitment from teachers that I had not witnessed prior (and still find to be quite rare) added up to an experience that has stayed with me. There is an unparalleled connection forged when an educator believes in the potential of a young person. At Hyde, everyone in the community approached one another with that level of commitment and compassion. We learned to be self- aware, to be authentic, to thrive in challenging situations, and to lead whenever leadership is needed. We learned to connect to our friends, our families, and to anyone who needed a connection. We essentially earned PhD’s in Emotional Intelligence, and Character as teenagers. The experience empowered us to pursue our dreams, to stay “in the game” when the chips are down, and to instinctively lean into difficult conversations and situations. My experience as a student at Hyde led me to a career in education, because I saw what education looked like in its best form.

Jason Warnick '98

Head of School, Wayland Academy

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Discovery Groups

Each student is a part of a small grouping of 8-10 students and one to two faculty members that form their Hyde School “family unit” on campus.  Meeting regularly throughout the week, students are supported and encouraged to bring out the best in each other. Faculty members really know their “Disco” students and serve as the primary point of contact for parents.

Public Speaking

Overcoming the human fear of public speaking is essential to developing leadership skills. This school-wide course is conducted each week for all students and faculty. Participants learn skills and develop the courage to find their voice.

Inner Leadership Model

Rather than accept that some are born to lead and others to follow, Hyde recognizes that everyone has a responsibility to develop their unique style of leadership from the inside out. Self-awareness and self-confidence are increased through public speaking, tackling challenges, meaningful relationships, and understanding family dynamics.

Action-Reflection Cycle

Hyde’s emphasis on character shifts the focus to the student’s growth which in turn, put a premium on the student’s actions. While the daily schedule has students engaging in action all day, there are multiple opportunities to reflect on the learning that has occurred which allows the students to gain new views of their best selves.


P.A.C.E. Project (People are Created Equal)

This school-wide class is conducted throughout the year and focuses on being intentional and proactive. Using a character framework, students and faculty are encouraged to understand our past, embrace our role as change agents and learn about each other.

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