How Big Do You Dare To Dream?

Where Can Hyde Help You Go?

The short answer? Anywhere. Hyde Students go on to attend some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Many leave with a sense of empowerment and self confidence. They already understand the dynamics of dorm life and being responsible for time management. They have worked on leaving their comfort zone and exploring their own independence. Our goal is to help them fill their toolbox with the skills to adapt and overcome. The skills to become an adult. It’s one of the unique advantages of a Hyde education. Our goal is to help students prepare for the ever changing world we live in today. Empowering them to become the next generation of leaders for the world.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what our students say themselves:

Kimberly James

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

“During my first week at Hyde School, I was told I had to give an audition. A Hyde tradition where you have to sing a solo for two minutes straight. A lot of these experiences that Hyde made me do, pushed me to get out of my comfort zone. I learned how powerful my voice can be and how to use it to help others who have not found their voice yet.”

Michael Celestine

Morehouse College

“Before Hyde, I had the thought process of if I wasn’t tough, I was looked at differently. I was comfortable with thinking this way. Playing down my tough guy guard was a risk but allowed me to see things differently. At Hyde I learned to expand my thinking and take hold of my humility.”

Avi Feinstein

Goucher College

“When I first got to Hyde, I was angry at myself for being here. I had thought that I was going to go home after my last school. As I came back for my last year, I realized that I wanted to put in the effort into improving myself. As I leave Hyde, I know that my compassion will guide me to my unique potential.”

Maia Newburg

Rollins College

“Before Hyde, I needed to get out of my own way and learn to be okay with the discomfort of finding my voice.The opportunities, challenges and mentors I was presented with over the past three years pushed me to find the courage to be a leader in my own life and the community.”

Natalie Stoner

Monroe Community College

“My senior experience at Hyde has fostered more emotional growth than I would have ever imagined. A week away from graduation earning my place back in the senior class and participating in this ceremony has proven to me that I can get through difficult times even when I think all hope is lost.”

Collin Trauner

University of Oregon

“When I came to Hyde this year, I made the commitment to finish things. This year I ran almost every single day. I did not do that because I enjoy running, I did that because I needed to practice doing things that are difficult. I also did it because I made the commitment to myself that I was going to run not because anyone else was telling me to but because I wanted to do it.”

Mika Webman

Current Postgraduate at Hyde School


“My journey to the U.S. has not been easy, but thanks to my family and my willpower I have made it against the odds. The brave little voice in my head says to me you did it. Speaking publicly is just one part of using my voice that I have learned at Hyde. Connecting that voice to truth-telling is another. This means listening to my conscience, this means speaking up when something seems wrong.”

Dylan Webster

Lesley University

“Repeating Junior year in a boarding school felt like the end of the world. When I arrived I was determined to be so miserable my parents would have no choice but to pull me out. As soon as I touched the seat at an empty lunch table, a senior politely redirected me to a rowdy group who instantly took me in. I knew my rebellious streak was already over before it had even started as I left that table with 10 new friends.”

Spencer West

Texas A&M University

“Before my time at Hyde, I never gave a hundred percent. I would give up when faced with a challenge. I was never very passionate about anything and didn’t believe in myself. But when I came to Hyde that changed. I had to do things I didn’t want to do like auditions and public speaking. At first I was scared but after doing it I gained confidence.”

Ashley Baez Santana

Chipola College

“It was hard for me to make a decision about coming to school in America. At the beginning I was nervous. I felt lonely and did not know anybody. After a year, I transferred to Hyde. I quickly made new friends and became a lot more comfortable. I became more open with people and I was able to share my struggles.”

Fiona Liu

Ohio State University

As the only Chinese student on the Hyde campus last year I have gained a lot. I have built good friendships with my American classmates.We help each other improve and challenge each other to be better leaders at Hyde.”

Cynthia Wang

Rutgers University

In these short three years, I have made a lot of friends and learned to be independent, and I gradually became confident and full of courage to face difficulties. I still remember the first time arriving at Hyde as a little girl who didn’t understand anything and was afraid to talk to anyone. But I got a lot of smiles on that day, and everyone was friendly and said hello to me, which made me feel so nice. I cherish every minute here.”

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