WIDWID #98 – Moral Support, 20 Years Out

A few days ago, I wrote of an unexpected uplifting message we received from a young alum. Last week, Hyde founder Joe Gauld received a similar message from an alumna who this year celebrates her 20th reunion. She writes:

Subject: Excellence, I think I get it now.

You know, when I attended Hyde, I was not sure what I was getting into and discovered that “going thru the motions” was a pretty comfortable place to exist. I think I now know what you were getting at, Joe.

It took me a long time to shake the spoiled brat southern belle image that I clung to while I was at your school…. our school. But I began to realize in my 30’s that there was definitely merit to being forthcoming, truthful, respectful and standing on my own and accepting the responsibilities of my actions…..

I could have busted my butt a little harder not only in my studies, but in just giving a piece of myself to others to see the real person who existed under all the Southern Belle Bullshit that I put off. I live in regret not seizing my opportunities to really listen to you and your family, and try and take hold of the opportunity at understanding how great life is and what it has become.

Without you and Malcolm having faith in me, sharing in your life-shaping experiences and the sheer belief that I was and would become a woman of courage and honor that has concern, curiosity, and the integrity to finally stand up and not let anyone try and convince me that life is anything other than what I made and am making of it…. well, I’m grateful for it.

One day, I hope to have the courage to ask for my diploma and return and receive it. I made a huge mistake not seeing before me the tools I needed to take myself to a higher level of self.

Thank you for all that you have done for me. I often reflect of the incredible lessons learned and I am sure I would not be the woman, mother and wife that I am today without your continued belief in me.

Thank you Joe Gauld, I love you!

Carrie Tribble Biggers
Hyde 1989

Hers is a speech I look forward to hearing,

Onward, Malcolm Gauld