WIDWID #96 – Hyde-Bronx 8th Graders Step Up, Serve Dessert

Hyde-Bronx 8-graders.
Hyde-Bronx 8-graders.

I recently took in the Hyde-Bronx “Stepping Up” ceremony where the 8th graders celebrate their completion of middle school and prepare to launch into high school. At one point, each student took the stage and expressed a single sentence into the microphone that summed up the past or looked to the present. Inspiring. As a teacher, this is the stuff of dessert. Here are a few that touched me:

“I have always had obstacles in my way, but now I have what I need to overcome them.” – Anthony Davis

We came a long way together, but this is not the end of the road.” – Shamona Forney

“My experience here has been like an adventure, a journey – one yet to be completed.” – Anajess Alvarez

“When I have reached my lowest low, I figured that there was nowhere else to go but up.” – Yves Celestin

“Live your lives through courage; don’t let anyone knock your hustle.” – Shaquaya Weaver

“I never gave up on what I already had: unique potential.” – Jennifer Martinez

“Someone saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself.” – Richie Amarante

“It takes time to become someone who you want to be.” – Flordalisa Castro

“The present really inflicts on the future; I have to be careful what I ask for.” – Jaron Wilkinson

“If you don’t like the quest you are on, make it a learning experience.” – Alec Hernandez

“Some things, I thought, would never change; of course I was proven wrong.” – Ruth Tirado

“This school has helped break me out of my shyness.” – Tamar Howell

“In the beginning of sixth grade I blended into the background; then I became more focused. Finally I got the picture.” – Melissa Gonzalez

“All of the obstacles I’ve faced so far have helped me improve my character and myself.” – Carolyn Encarnacion

And my favorite:

“I am a leader.”…(starts to walk off stage….turns around….returns to the microphone)……”Correction: I’m a leader-in-training.” – Gregory Wilson

Onward, Malcolm Gauld