WIDWID #25 Revisited – Junior Bernal

When Junior Bernal (Bath ’04) headed off to play hoops at U. Maine, I had little doubt that he would excel. The fact that he was elected team co-captain this year by his peers (as a junior) really didn’t surprise me all that much. After all, he’s a great ballplayer and probably an even better leader. Yeah, I had a hunch that he might wind up leading his team in some kind of average, maybe points per game, for example. However, I definitely sold him short. As it turns out, he is leading the Black Bears in a very important category, but it’s not the one I might have predicted. Read this passage from InsidePost, the U. Maine hoops e-newsletter: “[Junior] Bernal was named a Maine Scholar-Athlete Award winner for the third time and is also a three-time member of the America East Academic Honor Roll. In addition to being a Maine Scholar-Athlete Award winner, Bernal was recently named for the second time to Team Maine, for having the highest grade point average on the men’s basketball team.” That’s right, Junior is leading his team in none other than G.P.A. – Grade Point Average. Congratulations, Junior! Here’s to a great senior year next year! Onward, Malcolm Gauld UPDATE: This winter, Junior was featured on America East TV: