Joe Gauld: Why do we do athletics at Hyde?

The e-mail note below explains. Hailun Ni is arguably one of the most diligent academic students that has attended Hyde in the last ten years. As a senior, her sights are set on an Ivy League school. But as her father explains, her strengthened “will” has been a result of her participation in cross country…

Dear Kenneth,

Thanks for your sending Hailun’s midterm School Report, and especially thank you for your guiding her cross country training and regularly sending her training achievement.

Our family is very proud of Hailun’s achievement for her cross country. You know when she was in China, she even couldn’t finish a mile running for lack of training. I think the most progress of Hailun in Hyde is her running, she learns much from this sport. Hailun says: “I can finish running 8 miles, is there any other difficulty that might stop me?” We understand that her will has been trained to be stronger. Many times I praise her in front of my colleague for her cross country. Thank you very much!

Best Wishes

Hailun’s Father

Shaowen Ni