Whimsy #5 – Hyde’s Youngest Set

Hyde-Bronx Hallway

Last week I visited our two New York schools in the South Bronx (950 students in grades K-12 in Hunt’s Point) and Brooklyn (400 students in grades K-5 in Brownsville).  As much as I love all the kids at all our schools, the K-6 kids are extra special to me simply because I have no prior experience in observing how this particular group interfaces with Hyde’s principles and approach to education.  I often tell people, “If you’re ever having a bad day, hang out with these kids for a while.”

Sometimes I meet with various groups of students, teachers, and administrators, but I always find time to just wander around taking pictures.  When I walk into a classroom, sometimes I get this:

And sometimes, I get this:


But any place I go, I always get a lot of this:


The sense of pride in school and community is both palpable and omnipresent.  For example, here’ s a wall mural directly across the street from our new high school building in Hunt’s Point.


2012-05-30 14.05.48

Words to the wise.

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld