Weed & Teens – We Recycle

Apropos this morning’s Zoom discussion about vacation ethics… During the dozen years I have been writing my blog, the topic receiving the largest (hands down!) share of posts has been _______’s (insert: Brother’s, Brother’s/Sister’s, Each Other’s) Keeper.

However, the single post that has been recycled more than any other is this one:


Although excerpted from a 1983 work of fiction, its wisdom is timeless. My visits to Hazelden and Caron over a decade ago added hard science to Richard Hawley’s fiction.  The facts are clear: the evolution of the adolescent brain can be adversely altered significantly by the introduction of drugs or alcohol.

And as for adults, well, I tend to fall into the ambivalent or live-and-let-live camp, but…

Something tells me that the key to the long-term solutions to our considerable problems will not be found with increased use of either.

Onward, Malcolm