Vision: The Hyde Conversation

The country needs an attitude change. We seek to inspire a national conversation — The Hyde Conversation — that will lead to a national attitude change in teaching and parenting.

As today’s schools continue to organize themselves narrowly around achievement-based goals like raising test scores and college placement, we continue to believe that….

– attitude matters more than aptitude;
– effort matters more than ability;
– character matters more than talent;
– personal growth matters more than achievement.

We believe that “who we are” matters more than “what we can do” and that school ought to be a place that cares deeply about kids as it helps them (and their parents) develop their character and discover a deeper purpose in their lives. Our future depends upon these qualities.

The near future will find us assembling a group of schools and programs that accurately and excellently reflect the Hyde promise. Simultaneously, we intend to draw national attention to our work and help others replicate it. Ultimately, we hope to inspire a national conversation that will reinvent and reenergize schools, families, and communities.

Onward, Malcolm Gauld