Turbo Pianist: Dan Burbine ’69

I just got back from DC where we had an excellent alumni and alumni parent reception at The Chevy Chase Club.  No sooner had arrived when my ear was treated to the beautiful sounds of a solo pianist serving up renditions of jazz standards and melodic obscurities.  Eventually I looked over and realized that the man tickling the ivories was none other than our own Dan Burbine ’69.  He’s amazing!  It’s the kind of music you’d love to have playing in your house… all day long.

I went over and Dan and I had a nice chat.  He asked about my dad, my kids, the school, etc.  We traded info on guys we went to Hyde with.  (Back then, it was only guys.)  There was nothing unusual about that, just two old school guys catching up.  The unusual part was the fact that he never took his hands away from the piano at any time, playing intricate melodies (with both left and right hands) the whole time we talked.  The man is truly one with his piano.

During my post-meal remarks, I noted how I used to stand on the football sidelines back in 1968 as a Hyde freshman, a JV player hoping to one day play varsity.  The guy I wanted to be was #44, our rugged fullback who presented major problems for our opponents.  I wanted to be Dan Burbine.

So, there I was, 40+ years later, listening to this beautiful music, still thinking, “I’d like to be… Dan Burbine.”

Check out Dan’s web site at www.turbopianist.com.

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld