Truly Worthwhile

Although I’ve never heard him say it, my father has got to feel good about the fact that the small boarding school he opened over 40 years ago in Bath, Maine with 55 boys has grown into an organization with six schools sporting the Hyde name on the front door and several affiliates in four states. Last week, we held a teacher-training conference open to all the teachers in our public schools. A teacher from our Orlando affiliate* had this to say after the program:

All in all, this was a spectacular opportunity for me. One might even describe it as part of a religious awakening in nature. To see the Bronx school in action, the students engaged in learning, to participate in a Discovery Group, and be able to meet a Hyde alumnus (Lydell Capers ’98 – Dean of Students) and an incredible staff all left me with a sense of awe, yet also infused me with a healthy enthusiasm for the arduous task before us. Not since someone first said to me “Hey, Marine!” have I felt I was part of something as truly worthwhile as the endeavor we are undertaking.

My father has got to feel good about that too. I know I do.

Onward, Malcolm Gauld

* The Central Florida Leadership Academy will open this fall.