The Way Sports Should Be #2 – Thank You Tom Brady

Apropos of my last post on sports specialization, perhaps you’ve seen a piece floating around cyberspace where Tom Brady, all-universe quarterback and concerned father, weighs in on the subject.  Here’s the link:

While I may not share Mr. Brady’s level of athleticism, we do seem to look at this issue in a similar fashion.  At one point, speaking of the locust-like growth of travel teams and incessant parental engagement, he says,

“It’s just hard, because all the parents are doing it, it seems, and the competition feels like it starts so early for these kids — whether it’s to get into college or getting into the right high school or the right elementary school. I don’t know how it’s taken that turn, but you know, sometimes it’s nice for kids to just be kids.”

Uhm… Yup.

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld