The Timeless Mansion

photo (6)

When school is in session and the classrooms, halls, and offices of the Mansion are filled with banter, I guess my attention focuses on the people rather than the building.  I mean, I know it’s a beautiful and majestic building, but you really see and feel it during vacation breaks.

The other day I rambled through the place, camera in hand, with the goal of capturing its timeless elements.  I followed two simple guidelines: 1) Spend less than an hour shooting pictures.  2) Capture features that have not changed one iota since my student days 1.  The attached collage reflects my results.

Everyone who visits Hyde’s Bath campus, is taken by the Teak Room, the brick work, and the endless parquet floors, but you probably need to log some time here to know and appreciate the architect’s cornerstone signature (John Calvin Stevens is a Maine icon.) or Mr. Hyde’s telephone, to say nothing of his portrait in the Chandelier Room featuring him holding a cigarette, long a source of commentary from generations of Hyde students.

Later this summer I plan to aim my lens at Woodstock and see what results.

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld