The Regatta

I spent this morning taking in one of Hyde’s newest and best traditions: The Summer Challenge Regatta.  Limited to only two materials — cardboard and Duct Tape — each Discovery Group is challenged to build a floating vessel over the course of the summer.  Regatta Day is when we launch the “boats” and see how many of them can be navigated completely around Duck Pond Island. Best time wins. (But there are all sorts of other imaginative prizes.)

The Regatta inspires great spirit, beginning with a parade featuring each of the boats on display.

Then each Disco Group offers a “get psyched” cheer.

Then comes The Launch.

There is great anticipation throughout the morning.

There are also some sinking feelings.

But even these invariably turn good-natured.

Of course, there was a winning boat.

In all, it was a beautiful sunny day that featured learning…

… and a lot of spirited fun.

And all of that adds up to some great community-building.

And I’m pretty sure there were some records set. (For one thing, I don’t think we’ve ever had 3 out of 4 boats successfully make the journey around the island.)

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld