The End of Summer

Already the weather has changed and the end of summer is upon us.   The last few nights the temperature has been in the mid-forties, causing us the shutter our windows and hunker deeper into our beds.  It is good sleeping weather.  Now, I’m just waiting for the trees to give up the fight and hint towards oranges and reds.  While I can become melancholy with the passing of the lazy days of summer, I truly love autumn.  The crisp cool air, the changing leaves, and the hum of school starting up are at the core of my fall love affair.  They remind me of the cycle of my life and of the passing of my days.

This week in particular has been especially perfect with its cool evenings, days that are sunny and long, while never breaking eighty degrees.  Students have arrived for school, preseason has begun.  Locally the Woodstock Fair has started unloading machinery and trucks and rides and go-carts and hot-dog stands and giant pumpkins and more…. The list goes on and on. (It is worth a visit!)  As a bee keeper I’m looking forward to the fall honey harvest and am curious if I’ll reach my goal this year of 100 pounds.  I am not sure about that one.  At our house, we’ve pulled jackets back out and watch as the garden starts to shrivel bit by bit.  We pick enormous tomatoes, make our last batch of pesto from the dozens of basil plants, and talk about how to make our clay-laden soil less compact and richer for the next year.

So it comes that the 2009 summer is passed.  Without a doubt it has been exceptional.  Even with the rainy start, the summer as a whole was one of the best I can recall: wonderful time with my wife and kids, another powerful experience with Hyde kids, and personal growth of my own.  I look forward to the remains of the year knowing that there is much work to be done and a different sort of harvest ahead.

Best, John