The Dance-Off Circle

Have you ever gone to a wedding or other social event with friends where a dancing circle broke out? One of those circles where everyone suddenly gathers around, is clapping, and one-by-one individuals or groups venture into the middle to showcase their moves? It is not something that can be planned or coordinated. It is a spontaneous expressing of community and a celebration of dancing. To me, it is a sign of camaraderie, of affection, of joy, and of people being comfortable around each other.

During our Summer Challenge PA warm up yesterday we had a dance-off circle. While people where dancing around on the stage, moving like heated-up atoms, a space suddenly developed in the middle. The contagious clapping started and bam! People popped into the middle and showed their stuff.

I’ve usually only seen this happen at weddings and occasionally at a high school or college dance. The moment it happens is unique in that it is organic and is evidence of a bond and relationship that is growing. As we move towards the close of Summer Challenge, it is wonderful to see students express the joy of being together, of laughing, of smiling, and, of dancing.

Best, John