Temple Grandin

For any parent of a child with autism, the name “Temple Grandin” conjures up images of, well, a sort of Holy Grail of what’s possible.  Her inspirational journey through her own autism to a professorship of animal science at Colorado State University, her widely lauded inventions resulting in major breakthroughs in the field of livestock agriculture, and the numerous books she has published have served to fuel mountains of parental hope.

In a 4/12/13 interview with the New York Times, Grandin was asked if she had any advice for parents of children of autism.  Her response is deserving of consideration by parents of any child:

Considering that you’re an incredibly accomplished autistic woman, do you have any advice for parents of autistic children?
I’ve seen too much coddling. Mother was always saying, “You’re going to have to learn how to go in the store and talk to the clerks yourself.” And I was scared to death. I’m seeing too many kids who actually are a lot milder than I was who don’t know how to walk into McDonald’s and order a hamburger.  

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