Song Photos

These last two weeks of school pack a lot of activities and things can get pretty heavy. Thought I’d lighten up the vibe a bit with a contest.

Each one of the following photos — in no particular order — symbolizes one of my all-time favorite songs.  Winner gets… something. (Maybe a Little Malcolm & The Shady Characters T-Shirt?) Take your shot…

1. Can’t say that Norman Rockwell ever interacted with the Northern Irish musician who did this early 80s song, but they were both addressing the same occupation.

2. Favorite song from favorite band.

3. Maybe the best songwriter of the 80s caught halfway across the bridge from country to rock.

4. A half-century old next year but this American beauty still holds up.

5. This slow pop song is so soothingly beautiful that I find myself suspending judgment on just how sappy the lyrics are.

Mid-70s social commentary from the soundtrack of my college daze.

The easiest one to figure out? Lots of Elvis references…

Maybe the best song from the best group you never heard of.

Wikipedia characterizes the artist as possessing a “distinctive deep, gravelly singing voice and lyrics focusing on the underside of U.S. society.” Yeah, that would be this song (and artist).

Anytime a rock & roll band takes a shot at country and the results end up getting covered by the likes of Willie Nelson, Townes Van Zandt, and Steve Earle, you know their not “just” a rock & roll band.

Blues ode to love slipping away from a young man’s grasp…

Oldest song in the bunch but so far ahead of its time (1961) that it would probably be a hit today.

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld