Song Fragments

Some songs contain fragments that give me a tingle every time I hear them.  It might be a great line in an otherwise forgettable song.  It could also be one of many lines in a timeless number.  In any case, here are some of my favorites (alphabetical by artist):

– “Cuz I hate to tell you son, but that train don’t stop here anymore.” – The Band from “Mystery Train” (Off The Last Waltz ’78 w/Paul Butterfield).

– “As I was motor-vatin’ over the hill, I saw Maybelline in a Coupe de Ville” – Chuck Berry from “Maybelline” (1955).

– “…but reality, it’s not for me, and it makes me laugh.” – Beach Boys from “Disney Girls” (1971).

– “Cuz I’m building this levee on the Mississippi, before I’ll die in an unmarked grave.” – Citizen Cope from “D’Artagnan’s Theme” (2002).

– “If you’ve never stared off into the distance, then your life is a shame.” – Counting Crows from “Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby” (1999).

– “Even the bad guy gets a bullet in the end.” – Dire Straits from “Once Upon a Time in the West.” (1979).

– “I ordered some Suzette…  I said, ‘Could you please make that Crepes?’” – Bob Dylan from “Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream” (1965).

– “She came from Providence, the one in Rhode Island.” – The Eagles from “The Last Resort” (1976).

– “I got the wishin’-I-was-downtown-waitin’-on-a-Greyhound, Continental Trailways Blues.” – Steve Earle from “Continental Trailways Blues” (1987).

– “He’s an artist, a pioneer. We’ve got to have some music on the New Frontier.” – Donald Fagen from “New Frontier” (1982).  [He = Dave Brubeck]

– “We stopped over in Santa Fe; that bein’ a point just about halfway…” – Grateful Dead from “Me and My Uncle” (1969).

– “When the bankers swarm like locust out there turning away our yield.” – Nanci Griffith from “Trouble in the Fields” (1987).

– “…with those windshield wipers clappin’ time” – Kris Kristofferson from “Me & Bobby McGee” ( 1970).

– “Milk truck pulls the sun up.”* – Randy Newman from “Living Without You” (1968).

– “At the beach in Indiana, I was 9 years ole; I heard Little Richard singin’ ‘Tutti Frutti’ from the top of a telephone pole.” – John Prine from “I Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody” (1995).

– “If you’re walkin’ ‘round thinkin’ that the world owes you somethin’ cuz you’re here…” – Staples Singers from “Respect Yourself” (1970).

– “…Cuz tonight I’m gonna take that ride, cross the river to the Jersey side.” – Tom Waits from “Jersey Girl” (1980).

– “It’s a boy Mrs. Walker, it’s a boy” – The Who from “It’s a Boy” (1969).

– “New York… just like I pictured it.” – Stevie Wonder from “Livin’ For the City” (1973).

– “Dad, get me out of this!” – Warren Zevon from “Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money’ (1978).

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld

* All-Time Favorite