“Someone’s Listening!”

As a teacher, it always feels great when you stumble across evidence suggesting that… “Someone‘s Listening!!!”

This week, I got a Facebook message from George Wang, a 2014 Hyde-Bath grad from Shanghai, who wanted me to know how excited he was to be starting college this week at The University of Colorado at Boulder.  To provide some background, we had a bit of an on-going inside joke this past spring.  Whenever I’d see him in the halls, I would greet him with the salutation: “Go, Buffaloes!!!” (i.e., The Colorado athletic mascot.)

So, George wanted me to know that he is now an official Buffalo.  I responded by invoking Rule #1 from my annual talk that I give to the seniors on college readiness.  (If you’re interested, the 5 Rules are presented and explained in my book College Success Guaranteed – 5 Rules to Make it Happen.  Rowman & Littlefield – 2011)  That rule is simple but critical: “Go To Class!”

George replied with this photo:

5 Rules Key Chain

The photo shows the key chain I give each senior as a keepsake reminder of the 5 Rules.  Nice to see that at least one of the key chains actually made it to college.  Thanks, George, for showing me that someone is listening.  Now…  Go To Class!

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld