Sandy McDonnell #2

A few days ago I paid tribute to Sandy McDonnell, describing our brief exchange of greetings in San Francisco in September.  After that meeting, I sent him a copy of my book, College Success Guaranteed, as well as a few pieces I have written on Brother’s Keeper at Hyde.

Despite what had to be a period of considerable discomfort for him, he responded with a most thoughtful letter that I intend to hold in a special place for the rest of my days.  Here’s an excerpt:

I have been impressed with the “Brother’s Keeper” (BK) component of the Hyde culture ever since I read with great interest the book about the Hyde School that your father put out many years ago.  He told me that he got the idea from the U. S. Air Force Academy and their Honor Code: “We will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.”  Your BK goes beyond the Air Force Honor Code in that it urges your students to help fellow studernts achieve their very best.

Congratulations to you on the tremendous contribution you and your father have made by developing schools that have high quality character education.

Congratulations and deep thanks to you, Sandy, for your inspiration and leadership in the cause.

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld