Rule #4 – “You can’t soar with the eagles if you’re hanging with the turkeys.”

This one comes from Gary Kent, one of Hyde’s all-time great teachers and coaches. It sounds simple, but when you’re negotiating the halls of a typical high school, it can be hard to distinguish between the turkeys and the eagles. The “birds” all look the same. Pay attention and after a while you’ll notice that some fly and some don’t. Keep your eyes on the flyers. Those are the eagles. Go with them.

Here’s an experiment for you to try. Take a moment and imagine what you would look like and what you’d be doing if you were humming on all cylinders. What would your study habits be? How would your extra-curricular time be spent? Once you get that image planted firmly in your head, then identify the 3-4 other kids in your school who most closely resemble that same profile. Without even considering whether you like these kids or not, make the conscious effort to hang out with them for a couple of months. Then take note of your performance in and out of class.

What’s that? These are the same kids you’re already hanging with? Well, when you get to college, consider applying for a merit scholarship to study ornithology.

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld