Recycle #4: Brother’s Keeper

My experience shows that Brother’s Keeper can never be explained enough. Here’s an exceprt from an e-mail I wrote almost five years ago to an inquiring mind:

Much of the initial disdain for Brother’s Keeper is due to the fact that a student’s initial association with the concept is usually a negative one. Either a student has committed a violation of the ethics and does not want to accept accountability for it, or one has witnessed another student committing a violation and would rather not get involved in the ugly social repercussions of turning in a fellow student.

However, later on, after a student begins to perform well academically, scores a few goals out on the soccer field, or sings a solo in a school production, the student realizes that he or she might never have accomplished these things without the positive peer pressure of Brother’s Keeper. After these experiences the veteran student generally regards Brother’s Keeper in a positive light.

Onward, Malcolm Gauld