I call this this shot “Raise-Wrestle-Resolve.”

Raise, Wrestle, Resolve

If you’re a Hyde person, you may not need an explanation. If not… This 3-word continuum reflects the “3 Rs” of each Family Weekend at Hyde.  (I know, wrestle doesn’t start with “R”… but neither does arithmetic.)

– On Friday, we raise the issues relative to ourselves and our families.
– On Saturdays we wrestle with them.
– Sundays are all about resolve.  (Of course, although personal and family issues aren’t going to be tied up in a bow and dismissed after three days, we can at least identify and commit to some action steps before the weekend concludes.

So, returning to the photograph, the left side shots show Hyde-Bath grapplers Jake Durkin ’16 (Top, Salisbury, MA) and Brett Gerry ’16  (South Berwick, ME) raising themselves to the task. Both employ a distinctive back-and-forth pre-match pacing regimen.  (Gotta love Brett’s #hydetough warm-up shirt!)  The middle photos show both of them wrestling in full command.  The right side shots show the championship results.

There were something like 15 schools at this event, most of which are much larger than either Hyde campus: e.g., Exeter, Andover, Middlesex, Milton, etc.  Jake and Brett bested all challengers, both winning in the finals by pins. In fact, Brett was voted (by all coaches) Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament.

On to the Class A’s this weekend at Hyde-Woodstock.  Raise-Wrestle-Resolve!

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld