Lacrosse Player Paul Rabil’s Secret to Keeping on Top of His Game

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the growing tendency toward specialization in youth sports.  I’ve written a few posts on the subject.  Here’s one:


The current issue of Lacrosse Magazine (December 2015) features a cover story on Paul Rabil, arguably the reigning best player in the professional ranks.  Honoring him as Person of the Year, the magazine’s extensive interview with him lifted my spirits when Rabil stated the following about youth lacrosse:

“… kids have to resist the temptation to be full time in one sport so they can be better quicker. I played four sports every year. Even now, I find myself reaching into my basketball memory bank and soccer routines for new ideas and movement patterns in lacrosse.”


Yup.  Onward,  Malcolm Gauld