Praise it Forward

My wife started doing this thing a few years back where if she encounters someone in a store or restaurant with a really good attitude, she tells him/her so. I thought it was a bit hokey until last weekend.

After Saturday’s graduation at Hyde-DC, I ducked into the Au Bon Pain at the New York Avenue Metro station for a quick bite. (BTW, if there is a better underground system than DC’s, I’ve never seen it.) I was hot, tired, and definitely “graduated out” as John Hiatt once said on a Hyde stage after his daughter’s graduation.

Anyway, the teenaged girl behind the cash register was determined that I was going to enjoy my dining experience to the fullest extent. Heading for the exit door with my joe-to-go, I doubled back and echoed my wife’s words: “You know, I just wanted to say that you’ve got a great attitude.” She beamed and said, “Thanks a lot for noticing. I try to be like that no matter where I am.” I replied with something like “Stay with that and you’ll go far.” I think she liked that.

I know I did. Might try it again.

Onward, Malcolm Gauld