Phoenix Phans

One of my diversions — “indulgences” might be more truthful and accurate — is MBR (“Maine Basketball Report”) is a huge web community of obsessed sports fans. It began as a site focused on hoops but has evolved to cover all sports. It always lights up with high energy this time of year when high school teams get after it at state tournaments in Augusta, Bangor, and Portland.

You might be interested to read two different individual posts that respond to a thread that asks the question: Which Maine high school has the best student cheering section?

Post #1: “No offense to any team and their fans (okay,maybe a little)…but no student section can hold a candle to the HYDE crew.”

Post #2: “Seen lots of basketball over the years. But in recent years I have made a point to check to see when Hyde is scheduled to play during tournament week. I spend just as much time watching the student body during the game as I do the game. Hyde gets my vote.”

Hey, We Got Spirit…..How ’bout You??!!??!!?? Onward, Malcolm Gauld