Founder’s Findings #56 – Parenting: The Unrealized Profession (4)

Parenting today varies from terrible to only good at best. Why only good at best? Because, unlike all the other professions, no common understanding of the best way and best skills to raise children has ever been established to build on. Parents are at best gifted individual players who have never been taught how to play as a team.Doctors for example, are constantly learning how to excel as team players. But put parents in a tournament in competition with the other professions, and they would get killed. So while their efforts may do well at home, they would not hold up that well if put to the test in competition with other professions.

I personally believe each of us is gifted with unique and powerful parenting potentials with which to raise children. But raising children is the most challenging of all human tasks (ask any brain surgeon or rocket scientist which was more difficult.) A doctor has to complete 20 years of education before he/she can even qualify to become an intern. In ridiculous contrast, even a teenager is allowed to raise a child without any training.

Joe Gauld