Out My Window #8 – Boston Sand & Gravel

Taking the Concord Trailways bus from Logan to Portland, we rounded the bend, the bus gathering momentum as a prelude to crossing the Tobin Bridge. And there it was, an old and familiar friend. I frantically pulled my camera out of its case and got a clumsy shot off.

I feel as though I’ve been looking at this place my whole life. As a 7th grade boarding student at Fessenden School, I used to catch the bus at the old Greyhound Station for the trip home to Bath. You’d go by the old Boston Garden (a shrine!), Boston Sand & Gravel, catch a glimpse of Old Ironsides, then cross the Tobin. The Garden’s gone, but old Boston Sand & Gravel remains, refusing to budge an inch, impervious to all the surrounding building and road construction it has observed since 1914. Then again, it provided all the concrete, sand, and gravel for all those projects. Don’t think it’s going anywhere. Sure hope not.

Onward, Malcolm Gauld