Out My Window #10 – Courtyard Marriott, Portsmouth, NH

Harrison Gauld loves hotels. And unlike his sisters, he only has three demands when it comes to lodging: 1) pool, 2) elevators, 3) pancakes. Hook him up with all three, and he’s a happy man.

For his 15th birthday a few weeks back, we took Harrison to the Courtyard Marriott in Portsmouth, NH where he rode the elevators, swam, and ate pancakes to his heart’s content.

At one point, Harrison and his mother went out to the parking lot to get something out of the car. Meanwhile, I pointed my camera out of our room window on the third floor in hopes of catching a candid. Unfortunately, they both had their backs to me, and they were fast moving out of my viewfinder. So, I dialed Laura’s cell. She stopped, turned around, and answered the call. Harrison followed suit, and I caught them both. As it turned out, Laura was less than pleased by my ploy……but I got the shot!

Onward, Malcolm Gauld

Harrison and Laura from outside of our hotel room.
Harrison and Laura from outside of our hotel room.