Options-Limiting Behavior

I recently conducted some admissions interviews in Washington DC. In one session, when I asked one mother why she was exploring new options for her son, she replied, “Unfortunately, my son has been engaging in Options-Limiting Behavior.”

….Options-Limiting Behavior….Is that a great term or what?!?!?

Too often, when we are dealing with particularly trying adolescents – either our own (!) or those we teach – we fall into a vague and angrily dismissive mode where we might exclaim in exasperation, “Kid, you’ve got an attitude that could choke a horse!” The kid ends up happy that he/she got under our skin. I like the idea of turning it back: “Son, Why on earth are you engaging in option-limiting behavior?” You could even substitute the word “attitudes” for “behavior.”

Great idea! Wish I had thought of it. Onward, Malcolm Gauld