Only @ Hyde: “Evals”

Right about now, the seniors at many schools are chilling out.  They’ve heard from their colleges and now it’s time to set their cruise controls and… wake me up in time for graduation!

Not only would that not be the case at Hyde, our seniors are gearing up rather than settling down.  The gear-up is for senior evaluations — “evals” as they call it — the phase of Hyde when the seniors critique their own character growth as well as that of their classmates. All told, the seniors and faculty will spend as much as 50 hours together exploring this stuff between now and graduation.

In recent years, we have also asked the underclassmen to offer some of their own assessments of the seniors.  After spring break, we asked our 9th and 10th graders to offer comments for each senior and then hold a consensus vote on one of three performance categories: Doing Well – Mediocre – Struggling.  To give you a feel for the process, I provide the table below, a sample of actual comments and performance categories for the Class of 2013.  (I’ve changed the names.)  Check it out:

Senior Comments Performance
Cora Courage Passionate, good advice, caring to some, insightful, arrogant, selective groups, double standards, uncommitted, no priorities, irresponsible Struggling
Ira Integrity Helpful, leader, “dorm mom”, positive attitude, goes extra step, caring, supportive Doing Well
Leo Leadership Gave up on himself, irresponsible, rude, no compassion, no priorities, disrespectful Struggling
Carl Curiosity Role model but off-track, humility, good energy, sociable, smart but goofy, caring, concern, easy to talk to, positive outlook, immature Mediocre
Conny Concern Irresponsible, poor attitude, poor influence, bade role model, dishonest, under the radar Struggling
Dina Destiny Relatable, friendly, role model, helpful, enthusiastic, rude, entitled through role in school, better than others, self-centered Mediocre
Hugh Humility Outgoing, leadership could improve, role model, prompted by Hyde, motivated, knowledgeable Mediocre
Troy Truth On right track, has matured, good advice, relatable, open to share experiences Doing Well
Conan Conscience Responsible, keeps others on track, consistent leadership, approachable, senior presence, respectable, role model, relatable, no clique, mentor/big brother, easy to talk to Doing Well
Brody Keeper Good leadership, effort in class, dedication, goals, relatable, easy to talk to, caring, respectable Doing Well
Myra Mansion Lead by example, positive impact, honest, humble, pushes for others’ best, ability to talk to others, personable, helpful, enthusiastic, role model Doing Well
Woody Woodstock Good advice to younger peers, insightful, concern, balance of fun/rigor, caring Doing Well
Debbie Deckhouse Leader, reaches out to others, no attitude, honest, facilitator, serious vs. fun balance, eliminates cliques, role model, authority Doing Well
Sy Sagadahoc Good leader, friendly, listens, wisdom Mediocre
Wes Westhaver Voice in school meetings, low leadership in dorm, invisible on campus, short-tempered, inconsistent, to himself, senior?, trustworthy, selective groups, concern for others, basic expectations?, unsociable, unorganized Struggling
Red Apple Helpful, focused on goals, kind, concern, leadership? Mediocre
Susie Smith Kind, leader, branches out to all, selective, ambitious, negative attitude, looks down on others, disrespectful Mediocre
Will Woolwich Stubborn, off-track, non-caring, lazy, nice, concern for others Struggling
Paul Putnam Seriousness?, non-caring, irresponsible, poor attitude, uncommitted, disrespectful Struggling
Pete Pomfret Controlling, defensive, cannot take criticism well Struggling
Bill Brunswick Good advice, respectable, role model, trouble balancing serious vs. funny Doing Well
Bob Bowdoin Holds people to standard, responsible, no voice, not serious, lack of presence, no confidence, no enthusiasm, peer group choice Struggling
Nick Nichols Doing well in dorm Mediocre
Casey Colby Mature, disciplinary in dorm, helpful, reliable, sociable, inspirational, good effort, high expectations, caring, comforting, humble Doing Well
Bo Bates Negative attitude, selectively sociable, argumentative Struggling
Ann Hurst Role model, open, listens, unsung hero, helpful Doing Well
Hank Harvard Pretentious, disobedient, entitled, lacks respect, 4 years?, rude, unhelpful, lazy, poor leader Struggling
Kyle Yale Negative attitude, unmotivated Struggling
Hobie Hartwick Presence in dorm, responsible, leader, hard worker, high expectations, personable Doing Well
Will Williams No leadership, dishonest, senior?, too quiet, unmotivated, no changes, no maturity, pessimistic, avoids responsibility Struggling

As you can see, our seniors cannot be accused of coasting to the finish line.  They sprint until the final whistle!

Onward,  Malcolm Gauld